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Floral Subscriptions for 2021

What could be better than weekly floral love?

Get one for yourself, give as a gift or better yet...do both!

You will receive an abundant bouquet of blooms.

 Each week the color palettes will change and flower types will shift with the season.

All bouquets are lovingly hand-gathered with color, texture, scent and form, in mind.





The first mixed bouquets of the season.


Early Spring Share

Subscriptions begin in March/April (weather depending). Anemones, Ranunculus, Quince Branches and Tulips, oh my!!

These are the most elegant blooms of the season.

If you like ruffles, the Early Spring Share is for you.

3 Mixed Bouquets @ $135 (for pick up)

...add 3 porch deliveries for $225


Main Season

Summer Share

Subscriptions begin in May/June (weather depending)

All the bright, bold and abundant blooms of the Summer with texture galore and unrivaled color palettes.


5-Week @ $125 (for pick up)

...add 5 porch deliveries @ $225

(that's $45 per week)

10-Week @ $250 (for pick up)

...add 10 porch deliveries @ $400

(that's $40 per week)


Flowers await you at The Filling Station


Early Autumn Share

Subscriptions begin in September/October

(weather depending)

just when you thought the season was over

the blooms continue.

Heirloom Chrysanthemums, Eucalyptus and Sunflowers.

3 Mixed Bouquets @ $135 (for pick up)

...add 3 porch deliveries for $225

Weekly Pickup Locations

The Stand @ Carroll Manor (phoenix/baldwin, maryland) 

The Cottage & Cabin @ floriculture farm (30 minutes north of hereford)

Delivery Areas: freeland, parkton, hereford, sparks/glencoe, monkton, phoenix/jacksonville, and surrounding areas

Payments may be made via PayPal, Venmo or Cash/Check

Payment Options

Venmo @April-Lutter

PayPal april.floriculture@gmail.com

Message me for details and to confirm your order


**For a Friend, Add-On**

This plan can be added on to any of our existing subscription plans.

For $30, you will get 3 additional, small (but lovely) floral bouquets to share with a friend (or stranger) throughout the season.

Believe me, there is no better feeling than handing someone a bunch of beautiful flowers. (It's why I do this for a living)



Seasonal Bouquet Orders

Need a gift bouquet? Entertaining guests for the weekend?

We'd love to provide a bunch of florals for you!

All gathered Bouquets start at $35 and up
Pick up in our (open-air) Cottage Studio (at an appointed time)
Front Porch Flower Delivery (add $20, to your total order)

Please allow 48 hours ahead of your order.


a boutique farm business...

your flowers are selected, cut, processed, and designed just for you,

which means they are FRESH and ONE-OF-A-KIND.

Payment Options

Venmo @April-Lutter

PayPal april.floriculture@gmail.com

If you are sending flowers to a loved one, I will attach a complimentary note.
Message me if you have any questions 443-813-0229

I will confirm all orders.
THANK YOU for continuing to support small-scale flower farming.

It’s not small to me.


Standing Floral Delivery or Arrangements

If you long to have florals in your home or business, we offer a standing delivery service. You will receive a weekly, seasonal arrangement to enjoy.

Prefer plants? We also make stunning indoor planters.

These make excellent gifts as well!

Have a special event, get-together or gathering at your home? We also offer pick-up weekend arrangements and plant staging. 

*Please order 1-week in advance, when possible.

We offer fine florals, in unique vessels.

We like the earth so our designs are foam-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do flower subscriptions start?

Subscriptions will likely begin the 2nd week of June 2021 (earlier if the weather cooperates)

What if I am going to be away?

Not a problem. A friend can pick up your subscription to enjoy for the week or I can create a double bouquet for you when you return

Do my flowers come in a vase?

Weekly flowers are delivered to a vessel (that I will provide) to keep them in water and fresh as fresh gets. Please return your vessel at the end of your subscription. I reuse those babies.

What kind of flowers will I get each week?

Well, first you will get beautiful flowers each week. I promise. I grow varieties for color, texture, scent and visual appeal. Embracing each season, I provide flowers that are flouncy, showboaters and demure classics. Flowers you won't find in the grocery store.

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Of course, that is highly encouraged! And what a gift it is--flowers delivered, every week is a lovely show of affection.

If I hate my flowers, can I cancel my subscription?

That's preposterous! You will LOVE your flowers. Subscriptions are sold in a limited quantity and flowers are grown accordingly so I cannot reimburse for a change of heart. Commit to giving yourself a seasonal gift and you won't be disappointed.