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A plant could change your life.

Plant Subscriptions

I frequently hear people say they'd love to have plants, but they can't keep them alive.

That's sad.

Honestly, whether you are a natural or just need a bit of guidance, there is a plant for you.

Our monthly house plant subscription will turn you into a confident plant person while exposing you to a variety of lovely botanical beauties. 

We have TWO Subscription Plans: Splendid and Simple

Splendid Houseplant Subscription Plans

Month to month our offerings will change with the goal of providing you a variety of plant decor.

You will NEVER get a plant in a plastic pot.

You will ALWAYS get something unique and beautiful potted up and ready to place in your home

with detailed instructions for the care and keeping of your plant.

If you like floriculture style, you will love this subscription!

3- Months @ 180

6- Months@ 345

9- Months@ 510

12- Months@ 675

Pick up is free! Porch Delivery adds $30 per visit.

Delivery Areas: freeland, parkton, hereford, sparks/glencoe, monkton, phoenix/jacksonville, and surrounding areas

Well that sounds nice...but I really just want a unique plant in a plastic pot each month...something simple.

Simple Houseplant Subscription Plans

3- Months @ 90

6- Months@ 165

9- Months@ 240

12- Months@ 315

Pick up, only at floriculture farm (30 minutes north of Hereford), the stand @Carroll Manor (Phoenix/Baldwin),

or Hereford Farmer's Market (Saturdays, 9-noon)

Payment Options

Venmo @April-Lutter


Message me for details and to confirm your order


Indoor Plant Styling


I am a firm believer that plants make your

living, work and outdoor space

happier, healthier and prettier.

You will be surprised how much a well-placed plant changes the aesthetic of an environment.

And, how therapeutic tending to a plant can be.

Topiary 5.jpg




House Plants, in stunning vessels


Cloche Vignettes

Living Wreaths

Window Box Centerpieces

Dish Gardens

Brass Lantern.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 11.16.34


Simple or sophisticated, I will work with your lifestyle and space to offer a plant plan that will fill you with horticultural soul.

During our consultation, we will...

Assess your level of commitment, factor in your time and consider your pet situation.

Define your style and determine where plants would look fabulous in your home, office or patio.

Then I will...

Tailor a plant plan that best suits your needs.

Design original pieces that you will LOVE.

Deliver that gorgeousness to you and...

Cultivate your plant tending skills

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