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Garden Journaling April

No, my Garden Roses are not yet blooming, but before long I will be enjoying the intoxicating aroma of these beauties. Today, while the sky is painted with rain clouds, I am planning for my Roses. As in life, growing flowers requires us to be thinking ahead while acting, in the moment. We buy our seeds when there is snow on the ground. For most of us, that is what gets us through the long days of Winter-dreaming of the garden to come.

Selfishly, I am writing a blog as a daily journal of my micro farm life in order to keep myself organized. I do not subscribe to the theory that I have anything ground-breaking to share. If however, you read my posts and it helps you to grow your best flowers or inspires you to plant some seeds, all the better for us both!

Getting back to my Roses. Today, I fed them. Using Organic Rose-Tone, I sprinkled 1 cup, at the drip line of each bush. I am hopeful that we will get a soaking rain within the next few hours or I will hit them with the hose, in the morning.

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