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Favorite 5: Longwood Gardens, at Christmas

The image below is a portrait of joy.

This holiday season has been gloriously full of family and friends, cookies and celebrations, but the best gift of all (for me) has been a day spent at Longwood Gardens.

See me smiling, I am so seriously thrilled!

So, what made me so happy? The toasty warmth of the massive conservatory? The dirt infused aroma of the greenhouses? The flowers, blooming in abundance, in the midst of Winter?

Yes, yes and yes

And, these: My favorite five features of Longwood Gardens, at Christmas.

#1 Topiary

In a recent post I shared my adoration for topiary. Longwood offers an abundant display of these manicured lovelies.

I was so inspired. Will my Myrtle ever look so grand?

Also, a fair amount of pleached and espaliered pieces, too.