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"A garden flourishes with love, tending and a bit of magic."

Your garden should be a place of peace, offering you glimpses of nature and tying you to the natural world around you.

Your garden should fit your lifestyle and provide for you, whatever you need: flowers, food, inspiration. 

Gardens can be a few potted vessels welcoming you on your patio or larger raised beds that offer you a

wealth of seasonal herbs and produce. 

Perhaps you long for a cutting garden just big enough to gather gift bouquets and have fresh flowers, in your home.

Maybe a cooking garden filled with kitchen herbs and select vegetables is your goal.

It could be that you want a storybook style window box or unique topiary to add horticultural style and whimsy to your space.

Whatever your garden goals are, I can help you achieve them.

We plan, construct and plant Vego Garden Beds

These raised beds are easy to maintain, neat in the yard and super versatile. They are functional and fabulous looking.

While they are not cheap, the initial investment is (in my opinion) well worth it as you'll enjoy your gardens for many years to come and...they are much easier to maintain than an in the ground plot for the busy gardener.

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