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Back in February, I started my first seeds with Sweet Peas leading the planting parade. It was nice to have just one flower to focus on during those chilly days, but as March progressed, in went the Scabiosa and Laceflower. Here in Pennsylvania, our unofficial last frost date is Mother's Day, which will be on May 14th this year. I work backward from that date. In the beginning of April, with 6-8 weeks until plant out time, I planted my first rounds of Stock and Zinnia, Feathertop Grass, Amaranthus and Nasturtum.

In order to maintain a consistent production of Stock, I will plant a new batch every two weeks. As April progressed, Cosmos and Sunflowers got a jump start.

All of my seedlings start, in the cold frame. It is a bit like babysitting, starting seeds, constantly tending to their every need. And, because my growing space is limited, I have to utilize every available sunny spot. There is truly nothing more rewarding than seeing the little green sprouts poke though the soil-so hopeful.

By mid-April most of my flats are showing signs of life. (And my dog is acting weird.)

For the next month or so, I will keep these babies happy- not too hot, not too cold and with just enough water to grow and thrive before their big adventure, in great outdoors, begins.

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