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Months Slip Past

Yes, it is Fall.

Months have indeed slipped past and while I do enjoy writing it has not (sorry) been at the top of my priority list! What, you may wonder, has been at the top? Well, my daughter (always) hold the top spot and then Flowers have dominated my months since I last posted a blog entry: tending to flowers, battling flower foes, cutting flowers and planning for next year's flowers. Then there's the designing which always makes my heart happy and delivering them (the greatest perk of all). Summer flew by and while I admired all the fun vacation photos and warm weather activites that my friends were posting, I find myself content as can be amid the flowers.

Now, with the leaves changing, the days getting shorter and the temperatures (finally) getting cooler I am reflecting on all that I have learned over the past few months, while I was obviously not updating my blog- and it is a lot. First, I have discovered that when you are truly passionate about something the learning comes with ease. (And it only took 44 years to grasp that gem!) The hours reading and researching are exciting, enjoyable even. Second, for me flower farming folk are my people. I have found my tribe. The wealth of information shared from more seasoned farmers and specialty growers is abundant. These people are good. They are encouraging. They are hard-working, beautiful souls and I feel so lucky to have the means (technology, I am talking to you) to access them for their support. Finally, I have discovered that growing flower is, at its core, about having hope. Hope that the tiny seed sown will grow into something spectacular, hope that the flowers you share will bring joy to someone, somewhere and hope that a future can actually be built on such a premise.

So I apologize...blogger I am not. I'd like to think that next year more consistent blogging would happen, but I honestly doubt it will. As I sit here writing, on this misty, cool morning, I am infact hurried, distracted...there are garden beds to clean out, tulips to be planted and arrangements to be made. I am happily caught up in the whirlwind of a floral life.

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